That’s How You Bank, by Electric Art

Here’s a new campaign from Electric Art in collab with photographer Toby Burrows and the whiteGrey agency for Ubank. EA created the graphic, CGI environments and headlines, and comped in Toby’s photography of the talent. “That’s How You Money”. Yup.  ECD:  Chad Mackenzie | CD:  Ronojoy Gosh | Agency Producer:  Sean Ashcroft

Electric Art Rolls Out Mar’s Inc. Ice Cream Mashups

So cool to see the range of CGI Mars Ice cream assets created by Electric Art finally roll out across Europe, just in time
for their sweltering summer! 
It’s next level tricky to create realistic CGI ice cream but even harder to get
it to look so yummy and to light realistically in very high resolution. All the
materials have to behave like the real life ones but a lot
better. Reality, beauty and taste appeal all came together to make these crave-inducing images. 
Another awesome design by the guys over at Creaytive and brilliant team effort
by EA’s CGI artists, retouching and production.

Agency: Creaytive.
Melbourne | ECD: Chris Reay | Head of Design Realization: Sam Holliss |
Client Services Director: Chris Kent

Electric Art Gets Strange With Chatime

Special Group Australia brought in IG artist @jellygummies to create 7 bespoke characters for Chatime Australia for an OOH campaign with an Augmented Reality element, and tasked Electric Art with embedding the QR codes into the characters, compositing them with their drinks and rigging and animating the Cowboy and Udder Delight so that Unbnd Agency could work their AR magic.   Credits:  CCO’s: Julian Schreiber, Tom Martin | ECDs:  Nils Eberhardt, Simon Gibson | Creative: Jefe Seef, Joel Grunstein | Creative Technologist: Laurent Marcus  

Kolenko Inspires for Columbus Meats

JT Mega brought Eva Kolenko to work on a Columbus Meats campaign aimed at inspiring people to think of out-of-the-box combinations of their product with other flavors to create amazing taste treats (small bites, sides and charcuterie boards).   Kolenko had shot an extensive library for the client via Eleven several years ago, so it was a welcomed return to the brand, with beautiful results.  Art Director:  Justin Wolocko | Art Producer:  Amie Hylton  | Food Styling:  Lillian Kang | Props:  Claire Mack | Production:  Bold Poppy

Electric Art Lays Down More Chocolate for Tim Tam

Saatchi & Saatchi Australia came back to Electric Art for another CGI animation for iconic Aussie cookie brand Tim Tam, with delicious results.  This one had the added challenge of starting with a beautiful ribbon of thick caramel followed by communicating the generous double choc coating on the biscuit - all within the :06 time allowed, a challenging task without resorting to the time ramping technique typically used in this situation.   CD:  Michael Barnfield | Creatives:  Ben De Klerk and Robert Bamford | Production:  Prodigious

Electric Art Goes Bullish for DDB Health

When DDB Health sent us this brief, we knew it would be a great gig, and it proved to be one of our favorites of 2021.  How does one communicate that a new drug is both powerful, offering the efficacy that the patient’s disease demands, along with the safety the patient needs?   A bull in a china shop!!  We jumped at the chance to bring this visual metaphor to life.  Creating, sculpting, texturing and animated CGI animals is considered “next level difficult” in the CGI world. Creating photo-real china shops to go with them is no easy task either, but in the end, these custom built animals and shops were a labour of love for the CGI, Retouching, and Compositing departments.  Be sure to scroll to the bottom to see the build video!   An animated version of the primary visual will be out soon!

Credits:  Bill Dunkle – SVP, Creative Director, Rad Dedic – VP, Associate Creative Director, Nikita Golitsyn - VP, Associate Creative Director Copy, Lauren Alexander – Account Group Supervisor, Catherine Siegrist – VP, Account Supervisor, Alec Davidson – Group Project Supervisor, Olga Zeltser – Associate Director of Production

Kolenko Shoots for Food & Wine Magazine

The December/January ‘21 issue of Food & Wine Magazine just came out, and features a boatload of new imagery from Eva Kolenko.   Props by Jillian Knox, Food Styling by Carrie Purcell, Creative Director:  Winslow  Taft, Designers:  Khoa Tran & Rachel Carney, Executive Editor:  Karen Shimizu, Features Editor:  Nina Friend, Senior Food Editor:   Mary-Frances Heck.  Here’s a sampling:

CEA is De-merging

After 4.5 turbo charged years as Cream Electric Art, Cream Studios and Electric Art have decided to go their own ways again.  Electric Art will remain in the Sharpe + Associates roster for North American representation, and will be leveraging its cgi & animation strengths to focus on both stills and motion work for TV & web applications, as well as moving deeper into AR and VR projects the quickly evolving “metaverse” will demand. They will also continue to service clients’ creative retouching needs as they have done for close to 30 years. EA will be bringing back their “Play God” tagline, which is consistent with the capabilities of the tight knit team of multidisciplinary talent they bring to the table. With a focus on craft, high production values and over delivering as an endgame, EA can create anything a client can dream up.  Here’s a little snapshot of work completed during the CEA collaboration.

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