mergeLA - A Collaborative Coup

I’ve always looked for alternative approaches to selling our artists’ work, those that didn’t depend on unsolicited sales calls/emails or the routine portfolio shows agency art producers and creatives are constantly asked to attend.  The mergeLA event we co-hosted on July 14th at CVLT LA with five other repping agencies was exactly the kind of approach I’ve been seeking, and culminated months of planning and preparation.  Despite the potential for issues (we are competitors and all of us have strong personalities, after all!), the process was a smooth one and couldn’t have been easier.  By combining our contacts, connections and skill sets, we were able to make the first event a huge success, with over 200 people there to enjoy our rosters’ work in a casual gallery setting, with margaritas sponsored by Manhattan Margarita, a good choice of beers on tap, fantastic tacos (with the hottest jalapeños on the planet!), a photo booth and a silent auction of donated prints to benefit CreateNow, a non-profit helping underprivileged kids find their voice through the arts.

S+A stole more than our share of attention through an interactive exhibit tied to our new promo piece, a coloring book for adults based on our artists’ four color work, illustrated by the amazing Alyssa Tobias and designed by StoutSF.  We blew up one piece of line-art for each artist to poster-size, framed them on our wall with a large piece of astroturf, attached flow pots with colored pencils, and encouraged attendees to color them in however they chose.  The results were great to witness, especially how they each evolved throughout the evening.  Here are the before-afters:

It was great to have all of the S+A talent there too - Bruce Bigelow, CD of Electric Art, event made the journey for the event.  Plans are already proceeding for mergeNY this Fall.   

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