Eva Kolenko Transforms Panera Bread

What began as a single assignment from Panera Bread agency of record, Anomaly, has grown into a fantastic, on-going relationship between the client, Anomaly, Panera’s design agency, Willoughby Design, and Kolenko.   It’s fantastic to work with such talented, passionate, fair and fun people!!  Here is the first effort, an OOH, digital and print effort from Anomaly featuring Panera’s salads, shot on location in Malibu, CA last spring. Creative Credits:  CD:  Bec Pond, AD:  Wan Kang, Art Production:  Milisava Tertovich, Producer: Carmel Cottingham; Food Styling:  Alison Attenborough, Wardrobe: Lisa Moir, Props:   Johnny Goss.

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