Eva Kolenko’s Portraiture for Brandcast

Kolenko was tasked with shooting five portraits at the client’s offices in one day, each representing a different part of the target market - and each to appear as if it was shot in a different location from the next.  Thanks to her amazing production team and a great client, she not only made it happen, but in our completely unbiased opinion, hit a home run.  Credits include Brandcast CD:  Ashley Rocha; Project Manager:  Lyndsey Jordan; Producer:  Carmel Cottingham; 1st Asst:  Max Gray; 2nd Asst: Scott Hermanson; Digi Tech: Brian Smith; Wardrobe:  Jenn Bonnett; Wardrobe Asst: Annie Simermon; Props: Peggi Jeung; Prop Asst: Meg Moir; Grooming: Yvette Scallow; PA’s: Sandra Cifo and Shannon Riley.

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