John Muir Health Goes for Humor with Zachary Scott

We were thrilled to get the call from Duncan Channon for this creative campaign, which continues the strong use of humor they’ve used previously to separate JMH from the competition and which was a great fit with Zack’s quirky sensibilities.  Creative credits include:  Agency:  CD:  Anne Lemme; Sr. CWs:  Jesse Hankins and Niki Clainos; Content Producer:  Justine Barnes; Production:  Producer:  Megan Sluiter; PA: Eniko Perhacs; Photo Assts:  Danny Ventrella, Ethan Sharkey and Bruce Lum; Sets/Props Stylist:  Kendall Faeth; Sets/Props Coord:  Meagan Faeth; Make-up Stylist: Stephanie Daniel; Hair Stylist:  Isaac Prado; Wardrobe Stylist: Natasha Newman-Thomas; Wardrobe Asst: Ela Erwin

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