CEA’s Transit Takeover for Lulzbot

Made Movement called on Cream Electric Art to generate twenty different 3D objects to feature the creative and technical capabilities of Lulzbot 3D printers to consumers for their “Make Anything” campaign, which kicked off with a media takeover of a San Francisco transit station.  Starting with client-provided CAD files for most of the objects, CEA finessed them to add the slight imperfections, printing strata and other textural details necessary to make them feel as if they’d come directly from a Lulzbot printer.  CEA then animated a number of the objects to work seamlessly over a triptych of digital displays in a continuous loop.   CD’s:  Nate Bruning & Steve Dolan | AD:  Matt Alexander | CW:  Myles Rigg | Agency Producer:  Amy Mainero

Here are a few of our faves from the bunch:

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