Could Commercial Art Save the World?

Judging by the diversity of our Behance followers, digital art, photography and other forms of commercial imagery definitely attract people of different cultures, which is a start, isn’t it? Here’s of list of the places our followers live:

Slovakia, United Kingdom, Brazil, Egypt, France, Peru, Poland, China, Italy, Canada, Colombia,Taiwan, Belgium, France, Czech Republic, Malaysia, Mexico, Turkey, Russia, Pakistan, Austria, Iraq, Ecuador, Vietnam, Germany, Ukraine, India, Indonesia, Spain, Finland, Bulgaria, Belarus, Mongolia, United Arab Emirates, Singapore, South Korea, Venezuela, Columbia, Syria, Netherlands, Croatia, Japan, Kazakhstan, Switzerland, Yemen, Qatar, New Zealand, Guatemala, Chile, Argentina, Romania, Pakistan, Republic of Georgia, Kuwait, Nigeria, South Africa, Sri Lanka, Gaza Palestinian Territory, Bangladesh, Malta, Iran, Kosovo, Jordan, Denmark, Portugal, Sweden, El Salvador, Philippines, Tunisia, Serbia, Hungary - oh, and the US.

Thanks to Electric Art and their Schick project for pumping up our Behance following.

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