Eva Kolenko Shares Vision With VSP

Godfrey Q & Partners called on Kolenko for a challenging but exciting assignment: shoot lifestyle stills and motion on location from a first person perspective celebrating the emotional benefits of good eyesight.  Shooting three overarching narratives over three days, Eva utilized a special rigging for the cameras at times that allowed the talent to wear them, capturing the believable, Go-Pro perspective needed without compromising resolution.  Agency Credits:  ECD: Paul Hicks; CD: Jeff Nee; AD:  Dana Gross; CW:  Bryan Dempler; Producer: Bridgette Myers; Account Mgr:  Sarah Greggor;  Production: Producer: Carmel Cottingham; Production Coord: Michelle Stauffer; Camera Assts:  Amber McKee & Paul Davies; Wardrobe:  Deb Depolito; Props: Nissa Quanstrom; Groomer: Tricia Turner

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