Eva Kolenko’s Fall Imagery for Panera Bread

It’s a match made in heaven:  Eva began collaborating with the agency-of-record for Panera Bread, Anomaly, last year, after being brought to their attention by the Creative Director at Willoughby, the branding and design studio handling Panera’s POP design. After a Summer Salads campaign with Anomaly, we got to work with Willoughby on the Fall season’s in-store materials, and have since worked with both in combination on several other occasions.  What could be a contentious, territorial process has been just the opposite:  both agencies respect and support the other and along with Eva’s team and the client, have established a collaborative, fun and productive relationship that we feel truly blessed to be part of.  Here is some of the POP work from the Fall campaign.  Willoughby credits:  CD: Zack Shubkagel, Design Director: Kevin Garrison, Sr. Designer: Angela Snyder, Food Styling: Erin Quon, Props: Natasha Kolenko.

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