Kolenko Brings the “Real” to Panera

Panera brought Eva back to shoot a national in-store and OOH campaign to introduce a new line-up of breakfast sandwiches in January. The campaign was greeted with much fanfare, as the brand employed the brilliant strategy of requesting a declaration from the FDA on what constitutes a “real” egg as the new creative was unveiled.  Turns out that many of Panera’s competitors use egg “products” that contain a variety of non-egg additives, which spurred Panera to make the case to the FDA that they shouldn’t be allowed to call them “eggs”.  In contrast, Panera’s products only use the “real” thing, which was dramatized in the photography by showcasing the imperfect, natural shape of the cooked product and broken yolks in some of the imagery.  

In addition to the new sandwiches, the POP materials also featured the ubiquitous baked goods, salads, and other offerings from the restaurants.  Creative Credits:  Agency:  Willoughby Design | CD:  Zach Shubkagel | AD:  Angela Snyder | Designer:  Gaby Saravia | Acct. Mgr:  Jamie Housh

The Out of Home and digital campaign went further to feature the elements of the breakfast line-up in their natural state alongside prepared dishes, which appeared in transit centers in NYC and in a station take-over to tempt commuters…  Just try to get to work without stopping in for a hot brioche with fresh egg, cheese and bacon on it when you are surrounded by Kolenko’s mouth watering food at every turn!   

Agency:  Anomaly | AD:  Dylan Ostrow | CW:  Turan Tuloy | Art Producer:  Jen Ruske | Production Credits for OOH and In-store:  Food Stylist:  Erin Quon | Props:  Natasha Kolenko | Producers:  Carmel Bergholz/Shannon Riley

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