Zack Scott Creates Whippersnappers for Miracle Whip

David the Agency asked Scott to use his popular “Old Babies” image series as a starting point for a new campaign supporting the reintroduction of Miracle Whip’s original recipe, but to make them “different” - and to do it with a very aggressive budget.  Fortunately, he benefitted by the knowledge gained from the first production, and was able to be more efficient the second round.  That said, the imagery still required a significant amount of production and post to pull off.  The kids were cast to fit their specific roles:  Lady of the House, RV Granny, Fisherman and Southern Belle.  Scott’s production team did an amazing job creating mini environmental narratives for them through simple propping, backgrounds and wardrobe.   Sandwich, anyone?!  Creative Credits:  CD’s:  Antony Kalathara & Russell Dodson |  AD:  Curtis Caja | Jr. Copywriter:  Ian Holmes |  Art Producer: Marina Rodrigues | Producer:  Sluiter Productions | Props & Sets:  Kendall Faeth | Food Styling:  Meagan Faeth | Wardrobe: Joanna Hadfield | FX Artist:  Isaac Prado |  Primary Retouching:  Electric Art | Secondary Retouching:  Amy Dresser | Finishing:  Zachary Scott

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