Electric Art Goes Virtual for Laing + Simmons

Laing + Simmons Projects approached EA with an exciting challenge, to create a new & innovative experience for potential investors looking to purchase apartments off-the-plan. EA bought together a consortium consisting of Start VR, a virtual reality studio & Branding Specialists, Darling Brands to partner together to realize a full promotional package from branding through to a virtual reality experience.

The EDGE 28 development in Sydney’s St Leonards is the first Australian real estate development to offer buyers a fully immersive virtual reality experience. Photo-realistic CGI images & drone photography mean buyers can use VR to experience an off-the-plan apartment first hand, revolutionizing the sales & buying experience. Potential buyers can get a sense of the panoramic views, spaces & layout before construction even starts & develop an emotional connection.  

You can visit the onsite showroom or take a virtual tour from the comfort of your couch, by downloading the EDGE 28 App from either the App Store or Google Play & viewing it with a Google Cardboard viewer.

The app includes features such as a first person street view to show the view of the apartment from the street, atmospheric audio of wind & street noises to add to the immersive experience & various photo-real CGI renderings showing the apartment at different times of day.

Creating a seamless integration of the photo-realistic CGI texturing & lighting with the drone environments was essential  in order for the VR experience to seem real & for the spaces to feel both beautiful & aspirational. 

Electric Art’s Chocolicious for Tim Tam

Clemenger Sydney Tasked EA to create a print and motion campaign showing a Tim Tam’s popular bite-sized cookie “headline” splashing down into a pool of chocolate. Stephen Stewart shot the biscuit and cream textures, which EA used to create larger scale versions in CGI, and through intricate sculpting, shading and retouching brought the realism and taste appeal everyone was looking for.  Agency Credits:  Sr. AD:  Ollie Beeston; Sr. CW:  James Beswick; Sr. Producer:  Paul Whelan

Zachary Scott Explodes Heads for Jet.com

Jet.com offers an online shopping experience that will blow your mind. That’s the premise behind a new campaign Scott shot via R/GA that is being plastered all over major markets at the moment.  The agency brought in Vault49 to handle the CGI, compositing and retouching.  R/GA ACD’s: Mike Donaghey & Chris Joakim; Sr. Art Producer: Tamara Lund; Production:  Berns Rothchild;  Hair Styling:  Alberto Guzman; Make-up: Spring Super; Wardrobe:  Rebecca Palmer; Vault49 ECD: John Glasgow; Sr. Designer:  Edvin Puzinkevich   

Eva Kolenko’s TimeLapse for Chobani

Chobani AD Lynsay Reynolds tasked Kolenko to create two series of images for carousels on Instagram that would appear as though they were a panoramic view of a tabletop and kitchen workspace that morphed from morning to evening, and from residential kitchen to commercial kitchen, respectively.  Each image highlights a different use of Chobani product and was shot separately. By clever use of talent, lighting and styling cues, the individual images connect to the others to create a seamless, transitional effect.  Other credits include: Brand Communications:  Hilary Dupont, Ashley Butler and Jessica Laurie; Creative:  Thomas Stevens; Food Styling: Alison Attenborough, Prop Stylist:  Maya Rossi; Producer:  Berns Rothchild

Electric Art Unites Man & Machine

The headline for this CGI campaign from Cramer Krasselt/Milwaukee to introduce the new RXT model from Sea-Doo is “Be the Machine”, which is to emphasize the ergonomically minded design of the vehicle (ie: angled foot panels and deeper knee wells) that allow the rider with a tighter fit and profile for greater performance. EA designed the rider’s costume to meld with the parts of the vehicle where they intersected and help communicate aggressiveness and speed while paying off the headline’s premise.  GCD: Ned Brown; CD: Nick Marrazza; AD: Brian Steinseifer; Sr. Art Producer: Karen Kirsch

Zachary Scott’s Kidults for Kellogg’s

Eating Kellogg’s Frosted Mini Wheats will help you reach your inner child.  Really!  At least that’s the premise of the concept behind this effort from Leo Burnett, shot by Scott and Art Directed by Ryan Bloeker.  Can Zack & his team execute to match a comp if that’s what the agency requires?  You be the judge. 

Electric Art’s Water Figures

Tasked with the challenge of creating water figures in motion that morph into reality for Zip Water, Joy Agency CD Steve Back and AD Brett Edwards called on Electric Art for the solution.  EA used a combination of stock imagery, figures shot by Andreas Smetana, plus water reference from the EA library to make it happen.

Sculpting 3d models from the base photography, they then manipulated them into the different phases of movement, and finally, composited water reference into the figures and retouched them to create the realistic effect.

Electric Art’s CGI & Retouching for Toyota Aurion

Saatchi & Saatchi Sydney provided the wireframes and backplates, and asked EA to apply their CGI skills to breathe life into the vehicles, place them in their respective environments, then retouch the scenes to create the seamless believability that resulted. Vroom, vroom! (Sorry, Mazda).  Agency Design Director: Tod Duke-Yonge

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