Eva Kolenko Goes Clamming for enRoute Magazine

Despite some foul winter weather on Prince Edward Island, this travel shoot for the inflight magazine for Air Canada was a huge success, thanks largely to the unsinkable attitude of Kolenko, the cast and crew and steadfast Captain Perry, who kept the boat steady and everyone warm and dry.  It’s always a challenge to shoot what is supposed to be a location-oriented summer story in the winter time.  Credit is due to:  Photo Ed/AD: Leila Courey; Hair & Make-up: Sheri Stroh; Wardrobe: Yael Gitai; Assistant: Katie Lovecraft, and Captain Perry of Tranquility Cove Adventures.

Thank you, Communication Arts Magazine!

Today I took a break to look at the new CA Magazine that just arrived.  It was one of the most inspiring and re-energizing hours I’ve spent in years. It’s the Illustration Annual (56) - my favorite of all the industry award shows.  It’s been awhile since I’ve taken that kind of time to really look closely at the winners.  Much of what I found blew me away.  It’s the best collection of work and the most Advertising-heavy that I can recall of this award show. Check out the winners at http://www.commarts.com/

B-T-S of Eva Kolenko’s Cookbook Shoot

Eva just concluded a two week shoot for Food & Wine (Conde Nast) - a new cookbook based around their “Market Math” feature.   It should be amazing and earn a strong spot in Eva’s growing food-porn library based on what she’s shared to date.

For now though, you’ll have to settle for a few b-t-s snaps!

Eva Kolenko Shares Vision With VSP

Godfrey Q & Partners called on Kolenko for a challenging but exciting assignment: shoot lifestyle stills and motion on location from a first person perspective celebrating the emotional benefits of good eyesight.  Shooting three overarching narratives over three days, Eva utilized a special rigging for the cameras at times that allowed the talent to wear them, capturing the believable, Go-Pro perspective needed without compromising resolution.  Agency Credits:  ECD: Paul Hicks; CD: Jeff Nee; AD:  Dana Gross; CW:  Bryan Dempler; Producer: Bridgette Myers; Account Mgr:  Sarah Greggor;  Production: Producer: Carmel Cottingham; Production Coord: Michelle Stauffer; Camera Assts:  Amber McKee & Paul Davies; Wardrobe:  Deb Depolito; Props: Nissa Quanstrom; Groomer: Tricia Turner

Could Commercial Art Save the World?

Judging by the diversity of our Behance followers, digital art, photography and other forms of commercial imagery definitely attract people of different cultures, which is a start, isn’t it? Here’s of list of the places our followers live:

Slovakia, United Kingdom, Brazil, Egypt, France, Peru, Poland, China, Italy, Canada, Colombia,Taiwan, Belgium, France, Czech Republic, Malaysia, Mexico, Turkey, Russia, Pakistan, Austria, Iraq, Ecuador, Vietnam, Germany, Ukraine, India, Indonesia, Spain, Finland, Bulgaria, Belarus, Mongolia, United Arab Emirates, Singapore, South Korea, Venezuela, Columbia, Syria, Netherlands, Croatia, Japan, Kazakhstan, Switzerland, Yemen, Qatar, New Zealand, Guatemala, Chile, Argentina, Romania, Pakistan, Republic of Georgia, Kuwait, Nigeria, South Africa, Sri Lanka, Gaza Palestinian Territory, Bangladesh, Malta, Iran, Kosovo, Jordan, Denmark, Portugal, Sweden, El Salvador, Philippines, Tunisia, Serbia, Hungary - oh, and the US.

Thanks to Electric Art and their Schick project for pumping up our Behance following.

Zachary Scott Goes Animal for Benefit Cosmetics

We LOVE Benefit Cosmetics! Zack’s most recent effort for them, Roller Lash, just launched in stores. Working with Hatch Design in SF, Zack and team created a retro hair salon with a twist to highlight the new mascara technology. Woof! Credits include: Benefit Cosmetics: CD: Hannah Malott; AD: Megan Fletcher; Sr. Designer: Emily Williams; Production Mgr: Jennifer McDonald. Hatch Design: CD: Joel Templin. Producer: Megan Sluiter; Wardrobe Stylist: Gillean McLeod; Props & Sets: Kendall & Meagan Faeth; Make-up: Stephanie Daniel; Hair: Carlos Ortiz. Here’s the ad plus a few b-t-s images.

Eva Kolenko Teams With Landor

Landor Associates in SF brought Kolenko in to shoot design concepts for a line of new products for ThinkThin last spring, then asked her to shoot the hero imagery for the packaging that ultimately rolled out starting in February 2015. We just got our hands on the final on-pack samples and think they look great. Design Director: Anastasia Laksmi; Food Stylist: Lillian Kang; Props: Glenn Jenkins

Eva Kolenko Redefines Mall Food

Westfield San Francisco Center brought Eva Kolenko and team in to create appetite appeal for an array of eatery choices at the mall through some beautiful food porn, and as you can see, the effort succeeded. CD: Peter Donnelly; Sr. Designer: Phuong Ngyuen; CW: Joyce Pennell; Producer: Carmel Cottingham; Food Stylist: Robyn Valarik; Prop Stylist: Glenn Jenkins

Electric Art Creates Mayhem for St. George Insurance

What’s the worst that could happen?! In the home insurance business, attacks by aliens and King Kong-sized gorillas would certainly be considered for that list! Using stock background photography and their considerable cgi and retouching skills, EA humorously depicts those unlikely scenarios in a campaign by Saatchi & Saatchi Sydney. Credits include: CD: Darren Borrino; Art Director: Simon O’Neill; Copywriter: Rob Cartlidge; Art Buyer: Skye Houghton

Zachary Scott's Grooming Magic for BIC Razors

Using BIC Razors will not only tame your facial hair, but bring out your suave side. That’s the premise for a new campaign from Cramer-Krasselt AD Jimmy Deitzen and shot by Scott. The work launched in the US and will be moving to Canada this spring, and along with print and packaging, will include some nifty interactive banners that allow the viewer to transform the look of the talent using their mouse. Thanks to our killer crew for helping Zack crank out another winner: Producer: Megan Sluiter; PA: Eniko Perhacs; Assistants: Danny Ventrella and Dennis Ayuson; Groomer: Stephanie Daniel; Wardrobe: Gillean McLeod; and Prop Asst: Max Duck.

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