Kolenko Shoots Ayesha Curry Cookbook

Alesha Curry, pop culture celebrity and wife of NBA star Stephen Curry, recently published her 2nd cookbook titled, “The Full Plate”, and brought Eva and her team in to make it a reality.  The book’s subtitle reads, “Flavor filled, easy recipes for families with no time and lots to do”, which says it all.  Here are a few faves from the 125 images that were delivered.  Credits:  Food Styling:  Vivian Liu | Props Styling:  Claire Mack  

CEA Takes on Faulty Airbags for FCAI

Melbourne agency The Monkeys brought Cream Electric Art in to create a realistic CGI key fob/padlock animation for a TV public service spot notifying Australians about new regulations around faulty Takata airbags and encouraging them to get theirs replaced.  

Kolenko Brings Summer to Food Fanatics Magazine

We were happy to get the call for another edition of Food Fanatics Magazine, as we love collaborating with the creative team behind the quarterly corporate publication for U.S. Foods, and Eva Kolenko gets to shoot all of the editorial imagery in the book.  Here’s a selection from the Summer edition.   Credits:  CD:  Joline Rivera | Designer:  Whitney Larsen | Food Stylist:  Adam Pearson | Props:  Amy Paliwoda

Kirks Soda Campaign from CEA

The JPD Agency asked CEA to create these lively CGI flavor bursts for a campaign supporting three of Coca-Cola Amatil’s Kirks products for the Australian summer market.  Check out the fun before-after gifs for a peek behind the scenes!  

CGI Food Animations From CEA

Creative agency R/GA asked Cream Electric Art to create animations featuring flying ingredient flavor cues for a new line of healthy of snack chips prior to their Global launch.  The ask allowed CEA to apply the photogrammetry technique that they’ve been developing, where actual ingredients are photographed, then brought into 3D programming and re-lit, textured and animated along with the CGI packaging and frame mnemonic device.  While the final pieces are photo-real, they are 100% digital, something that would have been cost prohibitive, if not impossible, through conventional means.  Here is a compilation of the US products:

Flying Fish in a Can TV Spot for John West

Wunderman Thompson - Melbourne asked Cream Electric Art for something that couldn’t be done in reality:  capture a flying filet of tuna with spice ingredients in a controllable way, and make them converge into a tin can of the product, and make it all look photo-real.  CEA created the foreground elements, the product tins and the ingredients in CG, used liquid simulations for the oil, shot the background and composited all for a TV spot, digital OOH, print and social campaign for John West.  Credits:  Integrated Producer:  Katherine Muir | Sr. TV Producer: Zalee Saydam | Sr. Art Director:  Simon Fleming | CD of Contect:  Brie Stewart.

Global Print and Cinemagraph Campaign for ESRI

MAL \ FOR GOOD & TBWA/Chiat/Day LA needed photo real print imagery and cinemagraphs to support a global advertising effort for new client, Esri, a software company using mapping and data analytics to help companies/organizations across a huge spectrum of usage types to “See What Others Can’t” - better forecasting, more efficient management, quicker solutions to issues as they arise.  The agency considered shooting photography on location around the world to capture the variety of environments and subject matter needed to illustrate the breadth of applications of Esri’s products, but that proved cost prohibitive.  Cream Electric Art’s demonstrated ability to create the epic imagery they were looking for using a combination of CGI, primary photography and stock made them a natural choice for the undertaking, and they didn’t disappoint.   Associate CD:  Kristina Krkljus & Tyler Kirsch - MAL \ FOR GOOD | AD:  Mark Share & Jason Collins - TBWA/Chiat/Day LA | Executive Producer:  Dena Moore - TBWA/Chiat/Day LA | Art & Print Producer:  Whitney Knecht - TBWA/Chiat/Day LA | Sr. Art Producer:  Elisabeth Fried - TBWA/Chiat/Day LA | Production Coordinator:  Jesse Glenn - TBWA/Chiat/Day LA | Photographic Elements:  Stephen Stewart & Damon Wilder

Photogrammetry From CEA

Capturing hi-speed video of moving food ingredients is a costly and time consuming challenge.  Controlling and art directing it is even harder, if not impossible.  Cream Electric Art is pioneering a solution:  Photogrammetry.  Simply, photogrammetry involves shooting 360° still images of each ingredient (if it can’t be created as a photo-real element in CG), then importing them into a 3d app, and manipulating them from there.  Lighting, speed of movement and the physics of interaction between elements are all controllable, so CEA is able to customize the look and movement entirely, with beautiful, photo-real effect. 

CEA Animates Creative Explosions for Dexus

Co-work space company, Dexus asked Cream Electric Art to work with photographer Romello Pereira to create visual metaphors illustrating the moments of creative energy,  epiphany and collaboration inherent in their spaces.  CEA used a combination of Pereira’s photography with CGI to get the desired effects, then animated the stills.  Both the stills and animations are below.

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