Sweet Work for M&Ms from CEA

Sydney agency Creaytive asked Cream Electric Art to create and animate an M&Ms character for their new Honeycomb flavored candy, which was pure fun to work on.  Here are  the build and the final version.

CEA Creates Some Train Magic for Sydney Metro

BMF Australia commissioned CEA to create three still images of Sydney Metro trains in different environments. Using CGI magic, CEA did just that, and for the hell of it, created a video showing a track-perspective view of Metro trains going about their business.  

CEA Goes Mining for Rio Tinto

Cream Electric Art created a stylized world to tell the story of global mining company Rio Tinto’s vision for the future, taking reference from a 2D illustration and re-visualizing it in 3D. This meant creating a multi-scale, fully animated world showing the process of the modern mine, from pit to port, incorporating transitions into real video and back again.

Kolenko Gets Cheesy for Sargento

Ogilvy Chicago returned again recently to have Kolenko shoot more “food porn” for Sargento, and as anyone can see, the results turned out pretty cheesy!  Creative Credits:  AD: Megan Evans | Art Producer:  Maggy Lynch Hartley | Food Styling:  Erin Quon | Props:  Natasha Kolenko

Kolenko Kills It for Kiva Terra Bites

Stout Design came to us with a creatively challenging project for Kiva Confections:  to shoot Kiva’s Terra Bites product in a way that paid off the taste sensations of their two new flavors:  Peppermint Patty and Sea Salt Caramel, and to do it with a limited budget and limited time.  Eva Kolenko and her team jumped at the opportunity to work on such beautiful concepts, and nailed it!  CD:  Brian Gunderson | Food Styling:  Marian Cooper Cairns | Props:  Natasha Kolenko

CEA Gives Extra Refreshers Gum a Spin

Energy BBDO asked CEA to come up with a way to convey the minty, cool, refreshing taste of Extra Refresher’s Gum for TV and print ads supporting the product’s launch.  Working in CGI, here’s what they came up with.  Credits:  CD:  Manual Torres | AD:  Elaine Kavelage | Executive Art Producer:  Liz Miller-Gershfeld

Kolenko’s Adds Lifestyle for UberEats + Starbucks

Eva Kolenko got out of the studio recently for a lifestyle photoshoot for Uber Eats, promoting their partnership with Starbucks.  The photo library showcased different Starbucks usage occasions and the ease at which the product could be enjoyed through Uber Eats delivery service.  Here are a few favorites:

Kitchen Toke Winter ‘18 Issue with Eva Kolenko

The Winter Issue of Kitchen Toke Magazine (quickly becoming one of our fave clients!) is out with a ton of Eva Kolenko’s imagery in it.   It’s always amazing the diverse range of ways cannabis can be used in the kitchen.  A few of our faves from the features Eva shot are below.  Credits:  CD: Joline Rivera | Food & Beverage Styling: Adam Pearson | Props: Gena Sigala

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