Eva Kolenko’s Fresh Look for Panera

Panera Bread Company is evolving it’s branding, and with that has come a new approach to bring more environmental and day part cues into the propping and lighting of their in-store materials.  Kolenko was fortunate to play a role in the first two rounds of shooting for the evolution through their transition in design agencies, the results of which are out now.  Credits:  Round 1:  Willoughby Design, CD: Zack Shubkagel | Designer:  Gaby Saravia | Round 2:  Playground Design, CD:  Rob Fieldhouse | Sr. AD:  Samantha Hahn | Styling (for both):  Food:  Erin Quon | Props:  Natasha Kolenko

Round 1:

Round 2:

CEA Goes Epic for IMAX

The task from TBWA Chiat Day to Cream Electric Art was simple:  Create three images that convey the drama and impact of epic IMAX films, and cinemagraphs of each.  The enormity of the project became quickly apparent from the initial production meetings, as the work would be shown in 70 different countries across a huge variety of differently formatted media, and needed to work seamlessly.   The three concepts were narrowed down from a larger list of alternative film “moments”, and CEA got to work designing the imagery and creating the hero CG elements, which included the ship at sea, some of the wave and atmospheric pieces, the detailed space ship interior, earth w/ hurricane,  exterior space ships and almost everything in the war planes execution.  It was a huge challenge to design, build and animate the pieces so they would work as looping cinemagraphs, but also as stand alone still images.  Thanks to the efforts of the CEA team and great communication from the agency and client, the results are amazing.  Agency Credits:  ECD:  Renato Fernandez | CD:  Jason Knarley | SAD: Stephen Lum | Sr. CW: Liz Cartwright | Director of Design: Mark Sloan | Designer: Robbie Reynolds | Integrated Producer:  Hashi Clark | Sound Design:  Lime Studios

…With branding….

…Here are a couple builds

Zachary Scott Warps Time. Again.

Known for the “Old Babies” work he produced for the NY Times Magazine for a feature on “Reverse Aging” and a campaign for Miracle Whip that followed, Zachary Scott was called upon recently to warp time again for a pharma campaign utilizing young children as older adults, albeit active ones.  Using shots of the kids in wardrobe in studio-set environments with separate shots of hair prosthetics, stand-ins (the mechanic’s hair is the ACD’s), and some serious photo shop skills, Zack and his team created another round of quirky imagery that demands viewers to take a second look.  Agency:  DDB Health | ACD:  Brian Evans | Art Supervisor: Niyati Mehta | Art Producer:  Melissa Brown | Production Coordinator:  Sluiter Productions | Sets/Props:  Faeth Group | FX Artist:  Isaac Prado | Hair & Make-up:  Katy McClintock | Wardrobe:  Joanne Hadfield | Compositing/Retouching:  Cream Electric Art

Summer Refreshment from Kolenko & Blue Moon

Who knew beer was such a versatile cocktail ingredient?!  We sure didn’t, until Venables, Bell & Partners asked Eva Kolenko to shoot a variety of beer-inspired drinks for Blue Moon Brewing Company for their Mixology campaign.  Here’s a few from the effort along with a subsequent shoot for Mango Wheat flavored draft beer.  Credits:  Design Director:  Cris Logan | Designer:  Jon Donaghy | Art Producer (Mixology):  Marissa Serritella | Art Producer (Mango Wheat):  Joe Rossman | Production Coord:  Indigital Productions | Food/Beverage Styling (Mixology):  Alison Attenborough, (Mango Wheat): Robyn Valarik | Prop Styling:  Jamie Holker

Kolenko Gets Cheesy for Sargento

Ogilvy Chicago CD/AD Megan Evans came back to Kolenko for a major shoot for all of the Sargento Cheese product lines last year, and the campaign is beginning to launch at last!  Here’s a fat, juicy bacon cheese burger that definitely gets the job done, followed by a stack of quesadillas and two usage-driven health-oriented ads,  More product images to follow.   Credits:  Agency Producer:  Maggy Lynch Hartley | Production Coordinator: Indigital Productions | Props Styling:  Natasha Kolenko | Food Styling (Slices & Shredded):  Erin Quon 

CEA Goes to Bat for Gatorade

Based on their extensive work with CG liquids, Cream Electric Art got the nod for a FANTASTIC opportunity with TBWA Chiat Day recently: to create liquid splash replicas of two well-known sport celebrities from Gatorade, to drive home the efficacy of the sports drink for athletes.  Working from stock images of the sports stars (Bryce Harper, of the Washington Nationals, and Cam Newton, of the Carolina Panthers) in action, CEA modeled, textured and lit the liquid forms with enough detail to be recognized but enough looseness to feel real.  The project was a hit all the way around!  Credits:  AD:  Chris Rodriguez | Art Producer:  Deena Fayette

Kolenko Contributes to Food & Wine’s Best Restaurants Issue

Longtime client Food & Wine asked Eva Kolenko to shoot Reem’s restaurant in Oakland, CA and LASA, in Los Angeles, two of the lucky recipients of the magazine’s annual Best Restaurants in America issue.   Reem’s offer’s traditional Arab hospitality through the flavors and aromas of a modern Arab corner bakery, and has the higher mission of community building through it’s operation and the promotion of Arab tastes and culture.  LASA, Chad and Chase Valencia’s Filipino-American mashup, was conceived as a series of pop-ups before landing in Chinatown, DTLA. Both restaurants deserve recognition, as does Kolenko’s imagery!

From Reem:

From LASA:

CEA Brings PPB Character to Life

Cramer-Krasselt partnered with Cream Electric Art to develop several print ads for the newest Paper and Packaging Board – How Life Unfolds® campaign. The visual approach highlights 3D paper and packaging characters in real-life settings in order to demonstrate the versatile and vital role they play in our lives.  The most recent ads are “Awards Show,” coinciding with the film and TV award coverage in key entertainment titles, and “Studying Sticks,” which aligns to content in parenting, lifestyle and in-flight titles.   CEA shot the “Awards Show” talent and combined it with a CG stage, the paper character and a stock image of a theater audience.   “Studying Sticks” was created entirely in CG.  Both images deserve an A+ grade.Credits:  CD:  Jim Root | AD:  Rebecca Mader | Producer:  Karen Kirsch

CEA Knights a Hero for Glyxambi

Pharma agency Area23 asked Cream Electric Art to create a CGI knight in armor to represent the efficacy of Glyxambi in helping fight the high blood sugar typical of Type 2 diabetes patients.  CEA designed the coat of armor the knight (& horse) would wear, along with the decidedly hi-tech lance the knight possessed, and built the powerful images of the stead using multiple photographs of the horse, shot by Gary Heery.  Other credits include:  ACD:  James Corbett | Art Supervisor:  Katherine Kennedy | Art Producer:  Denise Bosco | Stills Production:  Chee Productions

Cancer Cells as Art - CEA’s Campaign for the ACRF

Cream Electric Art was recently commissioned by M&C Saatchi Sydney to create 3D imagery of a variety of cancer cells for a campaign to raise awareness for and donations to the Australian Cancer Research Foundation.  The results are not only interesting and attention grabbing, they show nature’s beautiful design sense and could have a comfortable fit on the walls of a contemporary art gallery, if not for their deathly connection.  CD:  Emmanuel Bougneres | SAD:  Tristan Cornelius | CW:  Jonathan Seidler | Integrated EP:  Gemma Hayes | Lead Integrated Producer:  Greg Hyslop

Here are some of the ads…

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