CEA’s Transit Takeover for Lulzbot

Made Movement called on Cream Electric Art to generate twenty different 3D objects to feature the creative and technical capabilities of Lulzbot 3D printers to consumers for their “Make Anything” campaign, which kicked off with a media takeover of a San Francisco transit station.  Starting with client-provided CAD files for most of the objects, CEA finessed them to add the slight imperfections, printing strata and other textural details necessary to make them feel as if they’d come directly from a Lulzbot printer.  CEA then animated a number of the objects to work seamlessly over a triptych of digital displays in a continuous loop.   CD’s:  Nate Bruning & Steve Dolan | AD:  Matt Alexander | CW:  Myles Rigg | Agency Producer:  Amy Mainero

Here are a few of our faves from the bunch:

CEA for New Holland Tractors

Cream Electric Art created custom CGI toolbox letterforms and blended them seamlessly into a provided background plate for this ad for New Holland Tractors via Roloc Agency.  CD:  Darren Seddon

A Little Nostalgia from Cream Electric Art

Host/Sydney provided existing stock and product photography to CEA and tasked them with compositing and creating a consistent, retro color grade across all of these executions for Pampelle, an aperitif made from Ruby Red grapefruit, which were then animated for the company’s website.  CD: Kirsty Gavin | AD: Effie Kacopieros | Agency Producer: Anna Francis | Beverage Photography: Craig Wall

Eva Kolenko Shoots for Kitchen Toke Magazine

Reflecting the changing attitudes about cannabis and the marketing opportunities that affords, Kitchen Toke Magazine is the first magazine focused on cooking with cannabis and chose Kolenko to help with one of their early issues.  The weed-infused dishes are a far cry from the box-brownies of yesteryear!   Credits:  Joline Rivera, Founder/CD | Valerie Aikman-Smith, Food Styling, | Gena Sigala, Props.

Here are a few faves from the shoot. 

Heavenly Toilet Tissue from CEA

The folks at Gorilla invited Cream Electric Art to take a crack at building these little vignettes of heaven to communicate the softness of Quilton toilet tissue.  CGI versions of the flowing tissue were added to existing photography of baby and clouds and finessed in Photoshop to create the sweet moments - a far cry from Mr. Whipple squeezing the Charmin!  CD:  Rudi Vranken

CEA’s Disappearing Deer for Jaguar

Spark 44 Sydney called on Cream Electric Art to literally make a deer disappear for a TV commercial for the Jaguar F-Pace.  The CG generated deer was placed into a provided video environment with surprising results.  Director:  Brett Danton | CD: Matt Johnson

Cream Electric Art Creates Mars Cricket Ball

Creaytive Melbourne brought this dream brief for Mars to CEA.  Mars sponsors the Melbourne Renegades, the local professional cricket team, and wanted to tie their product conceptually to the game, to capture the energy of the sport while at the same time, having taste appeal.  CEA created this photo-real cricket ball version of a Mars bar totally in CG, with some nuanced finessing in photoshop to get the desired look.  Batter up!  CD:  Chris Reay

Kolenko Brings the “Real” to Panera

Panera brought Eva back to shoot a national in-store and OOH campaign to introduce a new line-up of breakfast sandwiches in January. The campaign was greeted with much fanfare, as the brand employed the brilliant strategy of requesting a declaration from the FDA on what constitutes a “real” egg as the new creative was unveiled.  Turns out that many of Panera’s competitors use egg “products” that contain a variety of non-egg additives, which spurred Panera to make the case to the FDA that they shouldn’t be allowed to call them “eggs”.  In contrast, Panera’s products only use the “real” thing, which was dramatized in the photography by showcasing the imperfect, natural shape of the cooked product and broken yolks in some of the imagery.  

In addition to the new sandwiches, the POP materials also featured the ubiquitous baked goods, salads, and other offerings from the restaurants.  Creative Credits:  Agency:  Willoughby Design | CD:  Zach Shubkagel | AD:  Angela Snyder | Designer:  Gaby Saravia | Acct. Mgr:  Jamie Housh

The Out of Home and digital campaign went further to feature the elements of the breakfast line-up in their natural state alongside prepared dishes, which appeared in transit centers in NYC and in a station take-over to tempt commuters…  Just try to get to work without stopping in for a hot brioche with fresh egg, cheese and bacon on it when you are surrounded by Kolenko’s mouth watering food at every turn!   

Agency:  Anomaly | AD:  Dylan Ostrow | CW:  Turan Tuloy | Art Producer:  Jen Ruske | Production Credits for OOH and In-store:  Food Stylist:  Erin Quon | Props:  Natasha Kolenko | Producers:  Carmel Bergholz/Shannon Riley

“Hi, speed.” Zack Scott’s Campaign for Mozilla

Made Movement called on Scott recently for a series of portraits illustrating the upgraded speed of Mozilla’s Firefox web browser in which the characters were captured reacting to their computers’ enhanced performance.  We set up shop next to the TV production, pulled the talent in during their breaks there and subjected them to a powerful fan in the face at close range to get the distorted expressions.  Lots of laughs were had by all.  Credits:  CD’s:  Nate Dolan & Steve Bruning | AD: Matt Alexander | CW:  Myles Rigg | Sr. Producer:  Andrew Campbell | Producer:  Amy Mainero | Production Coordination:  Megan Sluiter | Sets/Props:  Kendall Faeth | Styling: Stephanie Daniel

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