Curry’s Thanksgiving by Eva Kolenko

Food & Wine Magazine turned their attention to Thanksgiving in the most recent issue, featuring NBA superstar Stefan Curry at home with his family enjoying a typical Thanksgiving meal with friends, and brought in Kolenko to capture the essence of the day along with beautiful shots of the food served.   Kolenko answered the call with her own “triple double”.   Photo Editor:  Sara Parks | Food Stylist:  Vivian Liu | Prop Stylist:  Suzie Meyers

Helix DNA by Zachary Scott

Zachary Scott worked with Eleven, Inc. to create a fun perspective on DNA testing through Helix. Helix DNA tests help people make more informed decisions about their health, habits, lifestyle and more. This campaign aimed to intrigue an audience that would typically dismiss the idea of DNA testing and successfully made a complicated, dry subject simple and interesting.  All of the animal talent was live except for the stork and mackerel, which made for a unique and exciting shoot!  

Creative Director: Matt Wakeman Art Director: Flavia Gonzalez Art Producer: Jeannine Giordan Producer: Megan Sluiter Props: Kendall Faeth Wardrobe: Gillean McLeod  CGI/Retouching:  Cream Electric Art

Electric Art Merges with Cream Studios

Bridging together their collective talent and industry expertise to deliver a broader creative offering, Electric Art and Cream Studios, two of Australia’s most awarded production specialists,  have merged to become Cream Electric Art.  Delivering across an expanding number of different media, Cream Electric Art is built on the foundation that innovative production service requires collaboration between trusted creative partnerships.  The new team is now made up of specialists with extensive experience in CGI and creative retouching, across stills, motion, interactive, VR and AR.

Cream Electric Art founders Steve York (ex- Cream Studios) and Bruce Bigelow (ex-Electric Art), pictured below, believe the future of quality creative production rests on the studio’s ability to create striking, beautifully crafted assets that span across a range of media.

Says York: “As our world of print moves into motion we knew we needed a bigger team with the same skill and vision as us.  EA has always been our biggest rival so we would not have chosen anyone else.  We are super excited to be working on this venture together and to be the absolute best.”

Adds Bigelow: “Electric Art has always been about creative and technical innovation with a strong emphasis on highly crafted images and animation.  Merging with Cream is about creating even better ones.  Steve and I have always had a mutual respect, so when he floated the idea of merging to me, we agreed it was a no-brainer.”

The two companies are currently working to merge their websites, but in the meantime, have created an animation featuring two characters that will become the new brand’s identity that says it all.

Video Credits: Concept: Pete Commins | Director of Photography: Michael Corridore | Sound Design: Pete Kneser.  

S+A is extremely excited about repping the new company in North America!

Latest Panera POP from Eva Kolenko

Continuing her close relationship with Panera Bread and the company’s branding studio, Willoughby Design, Kolenko has completed a number of assignments to replenish the in-store visuals each quarter as each season’s marketing focus shifts.

Here are a few favorites from the last two seasons.  First, Summer:

….and FALL

CD:  Zack Shubkagel | Design Dir:  Kevin Garrison | Food Stylist:  Erin Quon | Props: Natasha Kolenko

Electric Art’s Magic for Leinenkugel’s

Following last year’s successful collaboration with Venables Bell & Partners on their first campaign for Wisconsin brewery Leinenkugel’s, Electric Art was brought back again to create imagery featuring two new flavor additions to the client’s product line and celebrating the 150th anniversary of the company.   Like before, EA provided turnkey services, overseeing the photography by Stephen Stewart, sourcing stock imagery, compositing the elements together and color correcting and finishing.  The results are the same as before: magic!!  Credits:  ACD:  Matt Miller | AD:  Cody Pate | Art Producer: Marissa Seritella | Photography: Stephen Stewart | Everything else: EA!

Zack Scott Creates Whippersnappers for Miracle Whip

David the Agency asked Scott to use his popular “Old Babies” image series as a starting point for a new campaign supporting the reintroduction of Miracle Whip’s original recipe, but to make them “different” - and to do it with a very aggressive budget.  Fortunately, he benefitted by the knowledge gained from the first production, and was able to be more efficient the second round.  That said, the imagery still required a significant amount of production and post to pull off.  The kids were cast to fit their specific roles:  Lady of the House, RV Granny, Fisherman and Southern Belle.  Scott’s production team did an amazing job creating mini environmental narratives for them through simple propping, backgrounds and wardrobe.   Sandwich, anyone?!  Creative Credits:  CD’s:  Antony Kalathara & Russell Dodson |  AD:  Curtis Caja | Jr. Copywriter:  Ian Holmes |  Art Producer: Marina Rodrigues | Producer:  Sluiter Productions | Props & Sets:  Kendall Faeth | Food Styling:  Meagan Faeth | Wardrobe: Joanna Hadfield | FX Artist:  Isaac Prado |  Primary Retouching:  Electric Art | Secondary Retouching:  Amy Dresser | Finishing:  Zachary Scott

Kolenko, Dame Restaurant and Organic Wine

What better assignment for a wine lover than to travel to Portland, OR to shoot Sommelier Dana Frank’s chic new natural-wine-focused restaurant, Dame? Kolenko got to just that for a recent feature for Food & Wine Magazine.  Frank gathered a group of fellow winemakers for a family-style dinner paired with the restaurant’s best vintages, and Kolenko was there to document the fun.  To see more of this shoot and other recent editorial work, visit

Eva Kolenko and the SingleThread

Getting exposed to interesting people, places and things can be one of the benefits of shooting editorial work.  That is especially true for Kolenko through the work she does with Food & Wine Magazine.  One recent experience took her to Healdsburg, CA in the heart of Sonoma County, to shoot one of the most anticipated new restaurants opening there in the post-French Laundry era, the SingleThread.  Founded by Chef Kyle Connaughton and his farmer wife Katrina, the SingleThread is a Japanese-French influenced aesthetic mash-up combining a 12 room Inn, a five acre organic farm and the restaurant itself, which features a price-fixe tasting menu based on kaiseki, the Japanese fine-dining tradition of celebrating the beauty of nature through simple, artful presentations of seasonal ingredients.  Credits:  Photo Editor:  Sara Parks  To see more from this and other recent editorial shoots, go to

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