Who’s More Creative - LA or NY?

To stand out among the other repping agencies that we co-hosted merge events in LA in NY with, and to highlight our new adult coloring book promotion piece, we decided to create an interactive gallery exhibit and let attendees color large line-art versions of our artists’ work.  

merge is an on-going collaboration between S+A and five other agencies; a one-night gallery show of our groups’ work with music, food, booze and socializing, plus a silent auction of our artists’ prints benefiting a local, art-oriented nonprofit.  

We did an event in July in LA, and took the show on the road to NY in October.   Both events had about the same turnout (approx 200), and both were a great time.  

We were excited to compare the results of the coloring between LA and NY, and in the future, how those compare to the other markets we intend to take merge.  Based on the these, who do you feel is more creative?

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