Zachary Scott and Honda Ridgeline

This was one of those jobs that looked deceptively simple on paper.  “It’s just shots of people walking on seamless that will be composited together in post.”  Honda agency RPA wanted to illustrate the versatility of the new Ridgeline by showing a bunch of different character roles walking towards a Ridgeline (the print version created in CG by Taylor James) as if they were morphing, with the last person placing items into the cargo bay in the truck’s bed.  Eighteen versions of the same cast of characters were shot over two days, each propped and wardrobed specifically for a particular role, and each shot with multiples of options.  Once the hero selects were chosen, Scott spent a good amount of time comping different configurations of the walkers together to see what worked best, then had to move/change body parts on some of them to make the final art.  Throw in additional shots of the truck bed with different storage configurations, several other shots of props to be shown in the interior of the vehicle for digital needs, and elements to fit into three other background plates and you had one heck of a jam packed production.  As usual, Scott handled the load with aplomb, thanks to his amazing crew and gave the agency more than they hoped for.  Agency Credits: CD:  Sarah May-Bates, CD:  Rahul Panchal, SAD: Steve Chow,  SAD: Suzie Yeranosyan, CW: Ramiro Ramirez; Art Producer:  Justine Barnes. Production Credits:  Producer:  Megan Sluiter, Props: The Faeth Group, Wardrobe:  Gillean McLeod, Grooming:  Stephanie Daniel.

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