Try as they might, Gout sufferers stray from the recommended foods/beverages to avoid, and Duzallo is there to help them when they do.  This quirky campaign from Hill Holliday illustrates that fact with portraits of wayward angels with halos made from their diet sins, and was deceptively challenging to shoot.  The halo props were shot practically and manipulated in post, and getting them to read well and in the proper position took a good deal of massaging.  Scott and team succeeded in the end, with arresting results to go with the ads’ “I’m no angel” headline. Creative credits include SVP GCD: Lauren Herman |  VP CD: Daniella Tineo-Cohn | SAD: Stella Shin | SVP Executive Producer: Brian Gonsar | Sr. Integrated Producer: Kate Geskos | Producer: Megan Sluiter | Props: John Robinson Design | Wardrobe: Gillean McLeod | Hair/MU:  Stephanie Daniel | Retouching:  E36 Creative

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