Zachary Scott Warps Time. Again.

Known for the “Old Babies” work he produced for the NY Times Magazine for a feature on “Reverse Aging” and a campaign for Miracle Whip that followed, Zachary Scott was called upon recently to warp time again for a pharma campaign utilizing young children as older adults, albeit active ones.  Using shots of the kids in wardrobe in studio-set environments with separate shots of hair prosthetics, stand-ins (the mechanic’s hair is the ACD’s), and some serious photo shop skills, Zack and his team created another round of quirky imagery that demands viewers to take a second look.  Agency:  DDB Health | ACD:  Brian Evans | Art Supervisor: Niyati Mehta | Art Producer:  Melissa Brown | Production Coordinator:  Sluiter Productions | Sets/Props:  Faeth Group | FX Artist:  Isaac Prado | Hair & Make-up:  Katy McClintock | Wardrobe:  Joanne Hadfield | Compositing/Retouching:  Cream Electric Art

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